Cara Foto Produk yang Murah Meriah tapi Tetap Terlihat Profesional

2:12 PM

Let's talk about photography. This is my first time to take pictures with my mini studio for my new product. I make my own studio, it's easy and cheap (you don't have to rent a studio).

You only need: 
1. Good light (I don't have professional lighting, so I use outdoor area). I take a picture in the morning or daylight
2. White fabric, as a background 
3. Washi tape
4. Table, I use little table
5. Camera (of course)   

After you prepare the studio, next step is take a picture. I'll not give you tips as a pro because I'm not a professional photographer, I'm only an amateur, and still learning how to make good photographs, so let's learn together :-)

pictures by me

Before start to shoot, please turn on your favorite music. It's important to do because it can give you a good mood :-D

1. Prepare your products and things (beside you). You don't want to run and still search something, right? It will waste your time.

2. Add some properties for your product. Those can be anything, but please take a note, it's important to show the usefulness of your product, so it will be good to get something match with it.

3. Composition. Always try to make good composition. Colors, shapes, tones, shadows, highlights are all strong elements of composition. 

4. Camera angle. Don't be afraid to try other angle of your product, you will find which angle is good for your photos.

5. Always shoot a lots of photos. I never get enough with one or two photos from one product because  if you only have a little of your photo collections, you'll repeat to shoot the product to get another good photos and it will waste your precious time (believe me!). 

6. Go find references or photo inspirations. You can browsing or reading a photography book. You also can read photo tips from my fellow crafters here: Arkky from PaperOn and Ajeng from Poyeng. They have their own tips about product photography. Need another references? go to my favorite blogs: A Beautiful Mess for  a lots good tips HERE, and Making Nest in the Midwest for lighting tips and trick HERE

Have a wonderful day!

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